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Asphalt Impressions Gives You Stamped Asphalt and Concrete

Beautify the exterior of your residential or commercial property down to the pavement. Asphalt Impressions gives you options in materials and styles that complement your exterior décor, down to long-lasting epoxy coatings in a wide range of colours

Our business is adding the extra to ordinary asphalt and concrete surfaces.

Why have plain asphalt or concrete when you can have a very appealing, elegant and durable surface? 

Choose from endless patterns and colors. Applications can be applied to new and existing asphalt . Too much snow to shovel, add a heated driveway or walkway to your home or business.

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We Are Specialists

Choose from an outstanding selection of designs in Stamped Asphalt, Stone Paveing.

We install decorative paving products with all the benefits of ordinary asphalt/concrete that’s durable, forgiving, cost-effective and safe.
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First Steps 


Specializing  in boom finish concrete and stamped concrete


Decorative stamped asphalt with a realistic brick, slate, granite and stone effects directly onto an asphalt surface.


The concept of interlocking paving dates well over 2000 years, back to the Roman Empire. With our years of experience we have the talent and drive to do that.

When you want a quality, finish driveway without a crazy price tag, asphalt is the way to go!

  • Is your driveway riddled with potholes?
  • Are you renovating your property and want to enhance the driveway and parking areas because first impressions do count?
  • Need a cheaper solution for driveways, carparks, pathways and other large surface areas than concrete?
  • Want to seriously add value to your property?
We Offer:
  • Decorative Brick Edging with asphalt
  • Asphalt Driveways - Acreage and Residential
  • Asphalt Carparks
  • Asphalt Pathways
  • Asphalt Resurfacing or Relays
  • Gravel and Crushed Rock Driveways
  • All Asphalt Maintenance and Repair Work
  • Pothole Repairs
  • Drainage Solutions
  • Excavation Works
  • Design and Plan
  • Free Measure and Quote

  •  Low Maintenance
  • No Water Seepage or Weed Growth
  • Non-Slip Texture
  • No Water Seepage or Weed Growth

We also offer fast and realistically priced asphalting services to Civil Works, Body Corporate, Property Development Groups, Builders and other businesses.

  •  Trenches 
  • Crossings
  • Speed humps
  • Asphalt Driveways, carparks, pathways
  • All Repairs of Asphalt and Failed Areas