Stamped Asphalt

What Is Stamped Asphalt-Decorative Asphalt Paving?

Decorative Asphalt Paving hasbrick, slate, granite and stone effects directly onto an asphalt surface. All stamped impressions are 3/8″ in depth. The stamped asphalt is then textured coated using the advanced system of resins, epoxies and polymers combined with strength and flexibility for the decorative surface. A cost-effective, durable surface that requires minimal maintenance.

It’s fast, efficient, and affordable!

Stamped Asphalt is great for safety and traffic flow and is ideal to protect and direct your community with safe, practical and attractive solutions to pedestrian and vehicular traffic flow.

  • With Stamped Asphalt you can:
  • Safely channel pedestrian and vehicular traffic with raised or level medians, great for traffic calming
  • Create custom pathways right up to public buildings and facilities
  • Beautify sidewalks, plazas, malls and play areas
  • Enhance public awareness of your community’s brand
  • Enhance any Streetscape


Skid and Slip Resistant:
Extensively tested for skid resistance and consistently exceeds ministry requirements.

Color Choices

Standard Colors:


Will Not Peel or Shrink:
Bonds permanently to asphalt and concrete and is a flexible material so will not contribute to or cause surface cracking.

UV Stable Colors:
Incorporates color pigments that do not fade when exposed to UV rays.

Oil, Gas, & Salt Resistant:
Is not affected by the likes of fuel spills and de-icing chemicals and protects underlying surfaces from contamination.

Wear Resistant:
High performance material that is resistance to wear in demanding conditions. In extreme conditions such as high traffic intersections where bike lane surfaces may be exposed to high vehicle traffic, it may be used in conjunction with thermoplastic products.

Long Lasting:
Will not peel and is color stable.

Simple Installation:Simple to install, efficiently minimizing traffic and community disruption.

Environmentally Responsible

Water Based/Non-Toxic:
Is a specialized water based resin polymer material with epoxy cross links. It is environmentally benign.

Extends service life of asphalt and concrete:
Long term protection of surfaces from erosion and UV damage. By protecting the underlying pavement Greenway actually extends its life expectancy. Longer pavement life means less consumption of new materials and less disposal of old.

Accent Colors:

Designer Colors:

Pattern Options


British Cobble                       Scallop                    Random Slate


Herringbone                     Ashlar Slate                  Offset Brick

Soldier Course

  Stacked Brick Border

  Texas Cobble Border


5′ Radius Arch         


3′ Radius Arch

  1.5′ Radius Arch